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The structural stress induced by a landing depends not only upon the gross weight at the time but also upon the severity of impact.However,because of teh difficulty in estimating vertical velocity at the time of contact,it is hard to judge whether or not a landing has been sufficiently severe to cause structural damage.For this reason,a special inspection should be performed after a landing is made at a weight known to exceed the design landing weight or after a rough landing, even though the letter may have occurred when the aircraft did not exceed the design landing weight.

Wrinkled wing skin is the most easily detected sign  of an excessive load having been imposed during a landing. Another indication which can be detected easily is fuel leaks along riveted seams. Other possible locations of damage are spar webs, bulkheads, nacelle skin and attachments, firewall skin, and wing and fuselage stringers.

If none of these areas shows adverse effects, it is reasonable to assume that no serious damage has occurred. If damage is detected, a more extensive inspection and alignment check may be necessary.

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