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 Inspection are visual examinations and manual checks to determine the condition of an aircraft or component. An aircraft inspection can range form a casual walk around to a detailed inspection involving complete disassembly and the use of complex inspection aids.

It has been proven that regularly scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance assure airworthiness. Operating failures and malfunctions of equipment are appreciably reduced if excessive wear or minor defects are detected and corrected early. Aircraft operating under the flight-hour system are inspected when a specified number of flight hours are acquiring .These inspections safe your aircraft.

Airframe and engine inspections may range from pre flight inspection to detailed inspections. The time intervals for the inspection periods vary with the models of aircraft involved and the types of operations being conducted. Components with stated hourly operating limits are normally replaced during the inspection that falls the nearest hourly limit. The airframe and engine manufacture’s instructions should be considered when establishing inspection schedule. 


Federal aviation regulations (FAR) provide inspection procedure and time limits to all the operator and monitor them it self. Depending generally type of operations in which they are in use. For the purpose of determining their overall condition. Some aircraft must be inspected at least once in a year, while inspection is required for others after each 100 hours of flight.

In order to determine the specific inspection requirements and rules for the performance of inspections, reference should be made.

Federal Aviation Regulation which prescribe the requirements for the inspection and maintenance of aircraft in different types of operations.

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